Monday, September 14, 2009

bathroom conversation

recently, in the bathroom at roy's workplace, liris had to make a poop and brought up the fact that talking about going poop is embarassing. why do you think that is? i asked. because its a bigger thing coming out of a small hole. i see. mom, why did they make the body the way it is? who made our bodies like they are? god designed our bodies, i said. and then she proceeded to think aloud about what god had in mind when he, then she, was designing. is god a he or a she? i asked. its a he AND a she. she stated, with confidence and authority.

i love my job.

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blooluv said...

this one really brought a smile to my face. i love to hear children's thoughts because they put a new perspective on things. hope that confidence continues to grow. great pic too.