Tuesday, November 3, 2009

growing children

last night we watched old home movies and i couldn't believe how much the kids have grown in just one year! it reminded me how precious each day is and how important it is to adore them and laugh with them on the regular, because they will be grown up in flash.

seeing each of my kids as a baby was so intense. knowing them the way i do now, even at these tender ages, their personalities are dancing and loud. looking back at when they were just born, those personalities are in there, just barely visible. so subtle. hidden by their struggle to grasp this new world around them mentally and physically.

having all the kids home with us is such a cool and different experience than how i grew up. it's almost like summer vacation all year long. grownups are still working, but the kids are free to go about their days, learning and interacting in their own rhythm. raziah has become a defender of her own learning. she pushes back if someone tries to force something onto her that's dull or dry or condescending in tone. she adores super hero comics, the library, collecting eggs from her chicken and carpentry.

liris has gained a more defined sense of self, apart from big sister. she changes clothes four to five times a day, loves to play rough and tumble and can remember the words to any song. she cooks macaroni and cheese and has begun to teach her little brother the ropes.

dimas said a four word sentence last week. he LOVES lollipops and jumping.

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